Isn’t Charlie wonderful?

What a lovely story and set of photos of Charlie in the Wiggins tribe (charlierabbit). I cannot tell you in the midst of a busy Senate sitting week  what a great feeling it is to see that children are still so full of wonder about the world and all its possibilities. I hope that his garden flourishes and look forward to updates of Charlie pulling his first radishes.

I am about to go in to debate a tax bill regarding Managed Investment Schemes and it is not well known that the tax deduction provided to these schemes is giving plantation forests such a relatively high level of assistance compared with beef, wheat or sheep farming that it is distorting the use of land and water in Australia away from food production.

We need to be growing more food and purchasing locally, seasonally and fresh. Hooray for Charlie!!!

One thought on “Isn’t Charlie wonderful?

  1. Good on you for highlighting this tax dodge. Forestry is destroying native bushland at unprecedented rates. The monocultures being grown are creating many other problems such as attracting pests, destroying water ways, loss of topsoils, loss of biodiversity and are a concern in high fire danger periods.

    If people want to dodge tax then there should be some investment scheme set up that assists with in rehabilitation of our land – such as salinity, erosion, repairing riparian areas and weed management.

    There is enough reward for big business, that take and take from the earth, when will they give back.

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