Catch a Cloud

It is overcast in Hobart today with sun breaking through occasionally. I decided to wander through Salamanca this morning to see if I could buy some thyme to add to the ones I have as ground cover. A friend of mine has dug up the lawn between the sealed parts of his driveway and planted different kinds of thyme. Not only does it look good but it is quite drought resistant too and attracts lots of bees.

Ground cover of oregano

Ground cover of oregano

I have several different oreganos as ground cover but not a lot of varieties of thyme yet. Although intent on buying thyme, I was distracted by another stall selling iris. I love iris but they do not fit into my themes of edible, fragrant or habitat but nevertheless I walked away with one called , Catch a Cloud. Isn’t that a lovely name, so evocative of blue skies and white fluffy clouds and slow summer afternoons. I was also taken by the passion for iris that the stall holders, Ilona and Martin have for iris, so much so that they call their website iris-mania. They say they are enthusiastic gardeners but the biggest part of their heart belongs to iris. How could I resist? I already have a few blue to purple to almost black iris, (from my Monet look alike fantasies) and so this pure white one will complement them.

It will remind me of today, election day 2010,  so the result had better be good.

2 thoughts on “Catch a Cloud

  1. What a joyous morning it is in our household, not only did we go to bed with the results for the Tasmanian Greens bringing a smile from ear to ear, Charlie and I have woken this morning to our radish seedlings emerging from the soil. What a way to symbolise a new beginning. He is extremely proud about it I must say. They say good things come in three, so here is hoping for Paul’s well deserved seat in Braddon.

  2. Dear Christine,

    This weekend, while you were harvesting a great election result, while the sun was shining on the further greening of TAS and SA, your blog inspired me to plant a winter garden in Fremantle.

    While arguably the greenest electorate of them all, Fremantle sits on the edge of a vast desert so everything has to earn its water.

    We planted beetroot, red onion, leeks, boc choy, brussell sprouts, and marvelled at our enchanted basil forest, much of it sprouted from seed; we hedged our bets on parsley and chive edges, and plonked oregano and thyme around an eggplant that may take over the world, and mulched. Much mulching.

    What kind of beer do you reckon slugs like the most? I find Coopers throws the best slug party. It’s gotta be a better way to go than pesticides! Do coffee grounds really keep slaters away? Do you listen to music or news radio in the garden, or just birds?

    May your green thumb keep hitchhiking hope into those Parliament House courtyards!


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