Missed the farmers’ market.

I am really annoyed with myself for missing the Hobart farmer’s market this morning. It’s on every Sunday morning and we must support it so that it can survive the winter.It is a lovely community of growers and producers of everything from Bruny Is cheeses, to honey and veges, seedlings and wines and even ginger beer. The ginger beer tastes exactly like the ginger beer that my mother used to make. I can highly recommend it.Remember the ginger beer plants on the kitchen bench and the sound like a shot gun and the mess in the garage or store cupboards when suddenly the ginger beer bottles blasted the lids off when you least expected it. I was always confused about why the concoction on the bench was called a plant when it didn’t have leaves or flowers. Just another mystery of childhood.

Talking of mess from exploded bottles and preserves, the absolute classic from the farm at Wesley Vale was when a tiger snake crawled into the store room where we kept all the home made sauce and relish and bottled fruits. Dad must have been down the paddocks at the time so Mum called on my uncle to get it out. Uncle Barney, not too keen on snakes himself, blasted the snake with a shotgun and with it just about every bottle and jar on the shelves. Never has there been a better definition of overkill or mess.

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