Water Features are a Must

I have always wanted running water in my garden and to date that has not happened but this is the year of the water feature.

The popular terracotta bird bath

The popular terracotta bird bath

So far I have two bird baths and a half wine barrel with native

grasses and water lilies. The birds love the old terra cotta variety and not the modern glass look. I suppose the terracotta one is less exposed and more natural looking.

For my new adventure into water features, initially I wanted a running stream like one I have seen in a native garden in Battery Point but I will probably have to settle for something that requires less engineering works. I have lots of books on the subject but am always happy to be directed to websites that might provide ideas.

The oak barrel

The oak barrel

My glass bird bath

My glass bird bath

So far I am keen to have a sandstone seat in a retaining wall at the base of the structure similar to the one in the Botanical Gardens in Hobart at the back of the Fuchsia house. I am thinking of two pools with a small cascade and powered by a solar pump. I want both habitat for frogs and lizards etc as well as the sound of running water. It is a design work in progress. Your advice is keenly sought.

3 thoughts on “Water Features are a Must

  1. your garden sounds gorgeous christine. I would get a flow form if I could afford to put one in. Have you looked into flow form fountains? they are beautiful fountains (associated with steiner biodynamics origonally) – usually the water flows in a lemniscate pattern (figure 8) through several dishes (the Tarremah steiner school have a cascade one with about 6 dishes flowing into a beautiful pond next to the library.
    if interested an Australian company making them is http://www.flowforms.com.au

    • Hi Karin,
      I have been to the wonderful Tarremah school a few times and I remember the flowing water but not the details so I will have a look at the website suggested. I have some very vivid memories of the school not least of which was the children all appropriately dressed for winter with a line of gumboots outside and a dog in a basket in a classroom and a child just stroking it in a very peaceful way. It felt very homely and secure.
      Cheers Christine

  2. ps – the pond at the base of the cascade flow form is definitly good for frogs cause i took home lots of tadpoles from the Tarremah one when it was being maintained a few years ago. you just need to make sure with any pond that there is a wire mesh just below the water level that ‘tadpole eaters’ cant fit through – if the mesh is submerged a little it wont be seen on the surface whilst keeping tadpoles safe from predators.

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