Waterworks Road Leads the Way

Di Hollister and I shared a flat in Waterworks Rd during all the years we were in state politics from 1989 to 1998. It is a great spot close to the city with fantastic views of the mountain and lots of trees and walking tracks. On one memorable occasion we saw a white goshawk sweep down the valley and we felt so privileged to see it right there in the middle of Hobart. We used to joke that it was the Green heartland since so many Greens lived there including over the years Doug and Carol McLean, Judy Henderson, Bob Brown and Michael Foley not to mention the current mob with Chris Harries a stalwart. In recent times the area has developed into an even stronger resilient community who have had community buys of solar hot water and photovoltaics and a wonderful food culture with fruit and vegetable gardens flourishing in spite of the resident wallaby and possum population. I was torn about whether to go up to Waterworks Harvest festival on Sunday or whether to go to the north west for the Penguin one. I decided on Penguin but could not resist putting up this link so that you can see what a fantastic community this is. There is no doubt that growing and sharing food and getting together to exchange it helps to overcome one of the scourges of city life and that is loneliness and social isolation. It is also such a great action re peak oil and climate change. It seems our grandparents were right in more ways than they imagined, greens are good for you. Click here to view the photos of the Waterworks Harvest Festival.

One thought on “Waterworks Road Leads the Way

  1. This is a great blog, Christine. Loved your comments and photos on the Penguin Sustainable Living Expo. I recently discovered a really good looking community garden at Punchbowl Reserve in Launceston. North facing, large garden beds, the whole garden looks fantastic. A real show case. Have a look at some of the pics at http://communitygarden.org.au/punchbowl_reserve. Well worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.

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