Harvest, winter preparation and green tomato pickle

I was in two minds as I looked at the remaining tomatoes: to pick now or to wait until they ripened a bit further. After

Harvest ready for pickle making

Harvest ready for pickle making

thinking about my workload for the next few weeks I decided to pick now and went for a bucket of green tomatoes and a bucket of ripening ones. I am now about to make some green tomato pickle for the first time in my life.

I also cleaned up the beds, sprinkled some lime, in line with Peter Cundall’s advice and replanted with some Spanish onions, spring onions, perpetual spinach and beetroot.

Easter also provided an opportunity to do yet more weeding and hacking back especially the jasmine which has a habit of getting under the weatherboards. I

Kangaroo paws

Kangaroo paws

also finally finished clipping the pittosporum so that it no longer looks as if it has a mohawk. I am battling blackberries from the block next door and it is amazing just how vigorous these plants are as they throw out such long canes across the wall and into my garden.

I am also enjoying the flowering kangaroo paws and the small nectar feeders like the new Holland honeyeaters who like to feast on them. There is certainly a chill in the air and with the end of daylight saving the hours for work in the garden are narrowing.

Waterworks Road community garden

Waterworks Road garden

When I had had enough of my own garden, I went up to Waterworks Rd to check out the community garden there and to visit one of the impressive vegetable gardens behind the very same flat that Di Hollister and I had during the 1990s. What a great garden full of strawberries, beans, pumpkins, basil, apples and home to one of the largest zucchinis in the street. Can you believe this garden is minutes from downtown Hobart?

One thought on “Harvest, winter preparation and green tomato pickle

  1. Gee Christine, the Waterworks community garden is looking a bit forlorn right now, with all the spuds and beans picked the beds are mostly empty. Getting ready for Winter plantings.

    By the way, this year I tried an experiment at home and planted tomatoes in large containers then buried those containers into the vegetable patch (to help keep them moist).

    Our aim is, when Autumn days cool down and the remaining tomatoes look like they may not ripen, I can pull the tubs out of the garden and move them indoors. (But with this unusually long summer they have mostly ripened in-situ anyway.)

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