Mr Lincoln, I presume

Of the roses in my garden, Mr Lincoln is the favourite.

My Mr Lincoln rose

My Mr Lincoln rose

It is fragrant and looks great on the bush or in a vase. But my all time favourite rose is a really old-fashioned damask rose in an activist friend’s garden at Murdunna on the Tasman Peninsula. I would love to know the story of his rose since the perfume is so overwhelming that it has to be a very old variety and I wouldn’t be surprised if its origins were not in the original rose garden at Port Arthur. I have tried twice to grow this rose from a cutting but have failed on both occasions. In the first year I dipped the cutting in a hormone mix and in the second year just in plain honey, neither worked. I am going to try again this winter. What am I doing wrong?

8 thoughts on “Mr Lincoln, I presume

  1. All of the old and beautiful smelling roses in my garden are grafted onto a very vigorous stock. I wonder if that would be an option…

    I’m embarrassed to admit to being able to kill roses with my pruning techniques but have managed to propagate some cuttings by simply poking them into potting mix. The success rate isn’t spectacular but some plants have survived. How long they’ll survive for is another matter!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I always lay the rose cuttings at a 45 degree angle into the garden, soft moist soil for the winter. I have heard honey is great to use as the hormone starter but I think light moist soil should do the trick. Goodluck

    Cheers Di

  3. I love roses, my favorite rose is called “Black Boy”.
    My understanding about using honey re cuttings that the stem has to be freshly cut then placed immediately into the honey, this way if forms like a seal over the end of the stem..
    My Auntie uses this technique on a regular basis and she seems to have quite a lot of success.

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