Green Tomato Pickles and a Verdant Box of Herbs

First I have to report that the green tomato pickle is safely in the jars and in the cupboard. I chose one of Sally Wise’s recipes but should have consulted my mother as well and she suggested I add cauliflower but it was too late by the time I discussed the matter with her. I think I made it a bit too sweet as I broke rule number one and that is to weigh the fruit.

An explosion of fresh herbs

An explosion of fresh herbs

I weighed everything else but had a stab at 3 kilos of tomatoes and may have underestimated the amount. I did add some flour as well to thicken it a bit as in the end I decided it was a bit too runny. I was then confronted with whether I had enough jars but a good clean out of the fridge and cupboards produced enough to do the job. It is amazing as to how long a half empty jar can remain at the back of the cupboard daring you to do something about it. Use by dates need to be printed larger. There is nothing like the aroma in a kitchen when you are about to bottle relish, pickles or chutney for example and nothing quite like the first relish on toast. I am jealous of Pip bottling her pears. No doubt a winter pudding is beckoning.

Herbs are such lovely plants to have in the garden at this time of the year as everything else is harvested or the beds are in the process of being replanted. I have one of my boxes dedicated pretty well to herbs and they look great as well as taste good. I have lemon thyme, the remaining basil, garlic and ordinary chives, curly and flat leafed parsley and rocket all in together and the Nellie Kelly passionfruit presiding over the lot. It is still healthy and has reached the top of the railing. It is too early to declare success but it is my best effort yet at producing a healthy black passionfruit in the garden.

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