Proud Owner of a Worm Farm

I have been keen to have a worm farm for some time and last Saturday it finally happened. I have a recycled bath on a few cement blocks, garden

My new worm farm

Taking a bath: my new worm farm

waste, leaves,worms, hessian bags, some kitchen scraps and lots of enthusiasm. Now it is over to the worms to do their thing.

I set to work early on Saturday as I had a busy weekend lined up replying to the Henry Review and getting to Sydney for Q and A and only had a few hours for the garden but it is amazing what you can do when you have to. I had a real mess in my “annuals” bed since it was weed infested so began by digging up and separating all polyanthus before replanting them and then launched into planting some ranuculas.I love the colour of a mass planting in spring and the joy of watching bulbs come up. Some of my daffodils are poking through the ground already.

My annuals bed minus weeds

My annuals bed minus weeds

I am now looking forward to getting home from work to see my fruit trees all professionally pruned. I read the books but cannot seem to get it right so it is reassuring to know that at least this year my trees will be in the “properly tended” category. That is until the rain gets to them and I suffer curly leaf all over again. My nectarine tree was a mass of curly leaf last summer but I am told this happened all across Tasmania because of the wet winter. Short of an umbrella, it seems that it will be hit and miss again this year. I intend to be a bit cleverer with my miniature peach tree which is in a pot. This will get the royal treatment and go under cover at the critical time providing of course that I remember to check for the critical signs!!

Gardening is a joy but it does have its disappointments.

2 thoughts on “Proud Owner of a Worm Farm

  1. my stone fruits got curly leaves this year too cause i forgot to take precutions, but in melb i used to spray just before the buds opened with (whatever peter cundall recomended???). After finding a few interesting tips on the internet this year i am going to try underplanting with garlic, watering a couple of times with epsom salt and spraying with a bit of bi carb – let you know in summer if it worked.

    • Hi Karin,
      Yes Peter comes up with an endless stream of good ideas and recipes for various non toxic potions. He has a few in his books so this year I will follow his advice for the one in the garden but I still intend to put the miniature peach tree under cover when it rains to see if that solves the problem.
      Cheers C

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