Spuds in the bag!

My grandfather grew potatoes in north west Tasmania for the Sydney market long before I was born. Picking up spuds was something we were all well practised to do and we all knew our varieties such that it was a mystery when people just talked about potatoes without saying whether they wanted brownells or bismarks. Between the wars and after, the Devonport wharf was alive with ships heavily laden with potatoes bound for the mainland. Every year he and my aunts would go to the Royal Easter Show to cook hot chips to promote the Tasmanian brand and during the 1950’s my sister and I would benefit with a new dress bought in the big smoke from the proceeds. So it is with some amusement that I am now experimenting with growing potatoes in a bag.

Pink eyes in the bag

Pink eyes in the bag

My block is too small to have a potato patch and I am frustrated that I am growing my other veges but not spuds. There is nothing quite like new potatoes boiled with mint and served with butter and black pepper. So I decided to embark on an experiment using a bag that I had bought for garden waste. I have cut some drainage holes in the bottom, secured some straw from the farm and some pinkeye seed potatoes and I am underway. If it works it means that people who have a cement path or two can use them for potatoes in a bag. What is more, I will have the joy of harvesting my own home grown spuds.

9 thoughts on “Spuds in the bag!

  1. What a great idea Christine! I hope it works.

    It’s a lot more appealing than doing what some friends have done, which is stack tyres to create a vertical potato patch.

    • Dear Sue,
      I was shown the stacked tyres idea recently at a community garden event but I have heard that there are toxins in the tyres and that bothered me enough to decide not to proceed down that track.
      Cheers C

  2. I like it… a portable vege patch is ideal for us renters! We’re in the process of moving out at the moment, saying goodbye to our beautiful garden is a sad thing!

  3. You are doing so much Christine – a real inspiration to a busy working mum TRYING to get out in her vege patch more. Keep up the blogs – we really look forward to reading them 🙂

  4. Good luck with the potatoes.
    I’ve tried growing them several times using several different methods including bags, but have never had a decent crop.


    • Thanks Tim, I suspect I will need all the good luck going but you never know, it might work and if it does it will be a big boost for my garden since I don’t have much space.

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