Watching the Rain

Hobart has been very dry lately and so it is lovely to sit here at the kitchen table on a Saturday morning and watch the rain as it falls steadily on the  roof and the garden.

Roses hanging on

Roses hanging on

The river is shrouded with fog and the remaining autumn leaves are still clinging to the branches or are sodden underfoot. My roses look bedraggled as they continue to flower whilst half denuded and the whole garden has that look of transitioning to hibernation. The only birds in evidence, yes you guessed it, blackbirds!

No I was wrong. I have just seen a silvereye in a  red callistemon that has begun to flower.

Bird food: fresh flowers on my red callistemon

Bird food: fresh flowers on my red callistemon

The highlight for me has been picking my own broccoli and silverbeet for evening meals this past week.  The satisfaction is so great that it surely must be hard wired into us as a species from our hunter gatherer past.In part it is getting in touch with the rhythm of the seasons, being outside and enjoying the bounty of  the sun, wind, rain, and soil. Nothing tastes as good as something that you have grown and cooked yourself.

Winter veggies: tasty silverbeet ready for picking

Winter veggies: tasty silverbeet ready for picking

A few years ago I wrote a report on the transformation that will be necessary in the way we live as we adapt to climate change and peak oil and I said that the silver lining of climate change would be the opportunity it provides to rethink everything we do to make us happier and healthier at the same time.

Gardening has been my rethink and it has made me happier. For everyone who nourishes the soil, plants the seeds, harvests the crop, then cooks and shares the results, it is so self evident but for many of us who are relatively new to it, it is a revelation.

2 thoughts on “Watching the Rain

  1. Christine,

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Living within our means used to bring on a negative ‘hair shirt’ reaction. “Going back to the caves”.

    That was a put on, of course, but I am reading that more and more people are seeing the plus side of living more sustainably. Healthier, more fulfilled lives, interesting communities and cities, time to appreciate the good things, more comfortable homes, less stress

    Above all, a serene antidote to the terrible foreboding future that the business -as-usual approach to living will guarantee all future generations.

    Negative turns positive, a good thought.

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