Join the Fray at the Hobart Farmer’s Market

The bell rings and trade begins every Sunday morning on the corner of Elizabeth and Melville streets right in the heart of downtown Hobart.

Welcome all to the market

Welcome all to the market

It is a wonderful coming together of the community and the people who grow our food or process what is locally produced. There is now an added incentive to turn up and that is Julie Payne’s mulled apple juice, otherwise known as Bosi juice. I am not sure why and should have asked. Steaming hot and spicy, this is a perfect drink for a cold Sunday morning. It is made from Huon Valley, Lucaston apple juice so no preservatives or added sugar etc and lovely aromatic spices. To save time you can buy a spice pack already prepared and take it home to prepare your own. Julie has bought the cups from various charities and so the money is circulated in the community and it is all good… and fun as well.

Julie Payne with her delicious mulled apple juice

Julie Payne with her delicious mulled apple juice

Maria Mitsakis and her olives

Maria Mitsakis and her olives

Meet Maria Mitsakis, you have probably met her husband Nick, if you ever buy apricots or cherries or olive oil from the stalls at Midway Point.She and Nick grow their own olives and use natural processes in the pickling of the olives and pressing of the oils. No caustic soda permitted on these premises. Stop for a chat and learn the difference between different olive oils and be glad that you don’t have to import Italian to get the real thing.

Richard and Lorna Clauson are Huon Valley orchardists as well and I am reliably informed that Nick McKim used to pick apples there in his student days. You can buy plants, breads, cheeses, mussels and even chilli ginger beer but what money cannot buy is the passion that these producers put into what they do and the joy that is gives everyone to feel a part of it.

Castle Forbes Bay orchardists Lorna and Richard Clauson

Huon Valley orchardists Lorna and Richard Clauson

6 thoughts on “Join the Fray at the Hobart Farmer’s Market

  1. Hello Christine,
    Thanks for the article. It was delightful to hear some background information of other stallholders.
    For future reference, BOSI stands for Business of Small Ideas. After spending a large portion of my life with the big idea of architecture, its nice to give all of those small over-looked ideas a run.
    Thanks, I love reading your other articles also.

  2. Hi Christine

    What a wonderful article! Thankyou very much, I will distribute the link to your blog amongst our producers – they will be stoked.

    The market is steadily growing in both producer numbers and customer numbers. Growth really kicked off with the launch and the publicity we generated there so once again, thankyou for your support, it’s has been, and continues to be wonderful.

    I actually received an email from a customer a couple of weeks ago thanking meand the producers for working so hard on ‘our’ market. That was music to my ears, to realise that the community had taken it on as their own. That is one of three goals I aimed to acheive with the market.

    Take care Christine, and please look me up next time you are at the market.


  3. Hi Christine,
    I’ve just been enjoying your posts. A friend of mine, Cathy, helped you with your garden, and it’s nice to see it!
    I have a small (but growing!) stall at the Farm Gate, and I wanted to give you the link to my blog. It is a wonderful thing to feel part of something like the market. Friendly faces and encouragement everywhere!


    • Dear Paulette,
      Yes Catherine Shields has been marvellous and I mentioned her involvement in designing my garden in one of the very early blogs. She has a great feel for “place” and I am really looking forward to catching up with her again when we get to the water feature in August. Now that will be a challenge.
      Cheers Christine

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