Time to Build a Coop and Bring Chooks Home

Who would have thought even five years ago that so many people would become enthusiastic about having their own chooks in the back yard? But it is true.

Paul Healey and his subject

Paul Healy and his subject

Paul Healy, a local hero in the keeping chickens stakes, was surrounded by people keen to hear about the dos and don’ts of raising poultry as he showed off some of his own at Envirofest. It is so good that there is an explosion of interest in growing food and living more sustainably. It will not be long before chickens return to vegetable gardens in the suburbs, after all we are only one or two generations away from everyone having their own vegetable garden, fruit trees and chooks.

Apart from the care of the birds, there is also the question of a chook shed or chicken coop and the Botanical Gardens has come to the rescue. The Gardens now have master classes and one such class is on how to build a coop using all recycled materials, so there can be no excuses.

Hen Hilton: learn how to build this at the Botanical Gardens

Hen Hilton: learn how to build this chook shed from recycled materials at the Botanical Gardens

It is part of an expansion in Sustainability programmes offered by the Gardens, so go to their website or call them on 6236 3050 and build yourself a fabulous home for your chooks. I am sure it will not be long before there will be personalised sheds with signature nesting boxes on the side.

My dad was a great one for reusing everything. I drove into the farm yard some time after the 1989 election only to find my election poster had become the side of a dog kennel. The historic record was of far less concern than knocking up a kennel. It is part of a well loved philosophy born of the great depression , the “it will come in handy for something”, philosophy that fills sheds across the country.

Two happy chooks and a Senator

Two happy chooks and a Senator

One thought on “Time to Build a Coop and Bring Chooks Home

  1. Your post brings back many memories back on the farm collecting eggs from the chicken shed in the backyard as a child. In the small country town of Trundle in NSW. I miss those days it is a good feeling living more sustainable and natural! Getting outside building a shed or growing vegetables it gives you a sense of pride and fulfilment.

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