Winter Maintenance

With Hobart shivering this week and Mt Wellington under a blanket of winter snow, I took to the garden to put the winter maintenance behind me. I had already organised for a professional to come to prune the fruit trees as I can never make head nor tail of the instructions in books about pruning and fruiting.

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Not that I have given up as I bought yet another book on the subject whilst at CERES last week. So I just had to cut back the strawberries and prune the roses in a very amateurish way. Paul Thomas helped me out with the raspberries as he has had lots of experience with growing them. I hacked back the lemon verbena to such an extent that I am now afraid that I have killed it but only the spring will tell. I will be disappointed if I have as I really love the fragrance that it brings to the garden. The clivias which I am growing in pots either had a disease or had dried out or something as their leaves were brown and dry on the ends so I gave them a good chop as well. With lots of cow manure and pea straw applied, things will hopefully look after themselves.

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