Promise of Spring

One thing that makes gardening so rewarding is that there is always a hint of what will come next as the seasons change although the certainty in terms of timing has gone as a result of climate change.

My wattle explosion waiting to happen

The promise of spring is so good for the spirit and it is already evident in my garden although it is only June. One thing I always look forward to is the explosion of colour when the wattle outside my bedroom window blooms and its blooms are already plumping up.

A friend gave me a card recently from an original painting by Georgina Richmond because it reminded her of a conversation we had about the pleasure I get from being cocooned by wattle. It’s lovely isn’t it?

Tasmanian artist, Georgina Richmond captures the bliss of being surrounded by flowering wattle

Tasmanian artist, Georgina Richmond captures the bliss of being surrounded by flowering wattle

The daffodils have not only pushed through but the first ones are almost in flower and the hyacinths in pots are well on the way to flowering.

Hyacinths poking their heads into the sunshine

Hyacinths poking their heads into the sunshine

This is the first time I have grown them in pots as I decided I wanted them inside when they flower so that I can thoroughly enjoy the perfume.

Daffs hinting at an early bloom

Daffs hinting at an early bloom

Whilst I love the spring, I don’t want it to displace the winter as there is a lot to be said for a period of quiet reflection and taking stock before the rush of energy that the warmer weather brings.

4 thoughts on “Promise of Spring

  1. Dear Christine,
    What a lovely surprise to see one of my cards on your gardening page! Thankyou so much! I too love the wattle, every year my husband picks a huge bunch and the glorious scent fills our house.
    If you would like to see more of my cards please dont hesitate to contact me, or they are for sale in many shops in Hobart, including Fullers, The Wilderness Shop, and Dymocks.
    I should also let you know that i have an exhibition on at the moment at the Goulbourn Street Gallery, next to the Pigeon Hole Cafe, it is called Wilderness. You cant miss the gallery, there is a huge photo of me in the window!!! Not my idea!
    Anyway thankyou again, and what a lovely idea having a gardening page.
    Best Wishes

    • Dear Georgina,
      I hope the exhibition goes very well for you. I haven’t had a chance to get there yet as the Senate has been sitting and I have been busy at home and at the Greens Art Auction in the meantime. I will look out for your cards though.
      Cheers Christine

  2. Greetings from Indonesia Christine!

    Reading your blog is proving a lovely way to stay in touch with Tasmania! Much more relaxing than reading the news 🙂

    We have just spent a few weeks traveling through some remote areas of Kalimantan and it has certainly put alot into perspective. If more Australians came and experienced the joy of a close encounter with a wild orangutan (and even closer encounters with the semi-wild orangutans) followed by the sadness and anger that comes with seeing just how much of their habitat has been destroyed by illegal logging and palm oil…. well, I daresay we would be falling over ourselves to protect every single piece of native forest and bushland we have left!

    Not to mention how truly inspiring it is to see communities here who literally have nothing, yet are committed to trying to save their forests. These communities are crying out for help and asking countries like Australia to help them make a living through forest protection rather than destruction. It is so humbling to be here and realise just how lucky and privileged we are in Australia (and yet we still cannot get it right).

    It is so disappointing to see the Government has taken climate change off the agenda after it all became too hard for them. I wonder if they would feel the same after walking amongst some of the sea side communities here? Communities of many thousands of people stand to be devastated by even the smallest changes in sea level.

    We are sending much love back to Australia and to all those committed to a safe climate future!

    Looking forward to the next blog entry,
    Jess and Gemma

    • Dear Jess and Gemma,
      It is so lovely to hear from you both and to learn of the love for forests in Kalimantan in spite of the awful pressures on the locals to destroy their birthright.
      I love orangutans and feel frustrated that so much is promised re illegal and legal logging but nothing happens except more destrcution and loss of habitat. On the climate front here after the new PM was installed, nothing is happening except promises of building a community consensus some time in the next few years.
      There is no suggestion of a more urgent or serious response but we have not given up trying to drive a better outcome. Election looks only weeks away with no expectation of returning to Parliament after winter break. Put August 28th in the diary.
      Love Christine

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