Handyperson Triumph!

Saturday morning in Hobart was fine without a heavy dew so I busied myself early with the hand sander.

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It took me about four hours so that now all the woodwork is sanded and gleaming. The rest of the weekend was fine so that it could all soak in. Hobart’s winter will hopefully be repelled by the good oil. All this was achieved without tears. Handyperson success at last.

5 thoughts on “Handyperson Triumph!

  1. Christine, it looks great – the finish is lovely and the colours look so good together! And this success with the sander will beget others. Enjoy your garden-inspired handyperson status 🙂

  2. I hope it’s not just a good feeling to have the job done, but an even better feeling to have done it so well yourself!

    • Thanks Andrew, I accept the compliment from a fellow non handy person! Having mastered the hand sander, to what should I now turn my attention?
      I really need to dig out some steps from my raspberries down to the cherry trees as I tend to slide down the slope…see the pictures on garden maintenance post..but I don’t know about constructing steps. This world of building is a mystery.
      cheers Christine

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