Just like the Movies

With the trend towards smaller families and single person households, I am very aware that our own children miss out on the extended family experience that made birthdays and Christmas celebrations so noisy, chaotic and memorable, if only for the tables laden with wonderful food and the eccentricity of the relatives. Therefore I am always nostalgic when I see films or cooking shows about large Italian and Greek families getting together to cook up a feast grown from their own gardens.

So I was delighted when I discovered that Richard Di Natale, our Greens Senate candidate for Victoria is not only a doctor but more particularly he is a gardener able to cook up a feast. Check out this video of Richard in his own garden with chooks as a bonus.

4 thoughts on “Just like the Movies

  1. I often cringe when I hear them call it a “Health System”..its an Illness System in reality…thanks for promoting the obvious way to good “Health”….

    • Richard is doing brilliantly in the campaign. I am very optimistic that we will have a Green Senator from Victoria after this election and that is good as I will have another gardener with whom to chew the fat, provided that I am re elected as well. Gardens suffer during campaigns so a bit of TLC will go down well in a few weeks.
      cheers Christine

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