The old Mulberry Tree at the Farm

This wonderful old mulberry tree on the farm at Wesley Vale, was there before I was born. During my school years it fed many silk worms and in fruit it has fed flocks of starlings and blackbirds. For some reason the berries were not favoured by my family and it is only as an adult that I realised that mulberries are quite delicious and sought after.

Place of memories: the old mulberry tree

Place of memories: the old mulberry tree

I now think we were sworn off them because of the stains on clothes and hands. The turkeys used to roost in it and my sister and I used to climb on it as children but in recent years the limbs have started to fall out in high winds and storms revealing rot in the big limbs. We have had to have it pruned rather drastically and I am now becoming resigned to the fact that it will not always be there, a reminder that nothing is forever.

4 thoughts on “The old Mulberry Tree at the Farm

  1. We had a wonderful Mulberry tree on my grandparents farm too. It was my cubby and swing for a long time. Try rubbing unripe mulberries (the light red ones) on any mulberry stains (my Grandma swears it works).

  2. However much we love ’em, ultimately trees are perishable. Taking hardwood cuttings now will secure your tree so another generation can benefit. They’ll easily strike.

    Personally, I’m very fond of ‘Black Shahtoot’ and ‘White Shahtoot’ mulberries. Tasty, prolific croppers, but they don’t set viable seed, so they aren’t weedy.

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