Mid Campaign Garden Update

With The Chaser so keenly interested in my garden, it would be remiss of me not to provide a mid campaign update. Chas is already concerned that I am keeping progress on my water feature from the Australian people, let alone the state of my baby spinach. I do not want to be accused of withholding vital information in an election campaign, so here goes with the update.

On the vegetables front I can report that I am harvesting carrots, that the silver beet is the one vegetable that keeps on giving, that the baby spinach and the rocket are recovering from the possum attack. Sadly the possums have “moved forward” to my next vegetable box and have literally jumped on the broccoli to the point of no return having broken the stems from the main plant.

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Testament to the fact that we are not having a severe winter in Tasmania is the fact that my coriander is still going strong and the fruit trees are coming into bud and blossom in this first week of August. I couldn’t believe it when I saw blossom on the plums. My lemon tree is still providing all I need and can use. But the whole garden is suffering from a lack of rain.

As to the flowers, I can report that the daphne is flowering amongst the hellebores and that the jonquils are in full bloom. The jasmine is about to burst into flower and the lemon verbena is in recovery. I hacked it back earlier in the year and was worried that I had overdone it but it has a few green shoots on the limbs so all is forgiven it seems. The hyacinths in pots are about to flower and will provide a fragrant welcome as I come and go on the campaign trail.

Construction of the water feature is set for post election and Chas has made it such a matter of public importance that I am wondering whether he secretly wants it named after him. A matter to ponder with your assistance.

7 thoughts on “Mid Campaign Garden Update

  1. Hi Christine,

    Your garden is so beautiful, and I know that this isn’t a particularly aesthetically-pleasing solution, but making a plastic mesh cage over the vegies that the possums are most fond of might be worth the ugliness.

    I have a similar problem with swamp wallabies, which will eat just about anything, including native saplings if the new growth is low enough for them to reach. At times I despair that the main thing I plant in my garden is Bunnings plastic mesh!



  2. I love the Jonquils! It’s my first time to see a flower like this. I will really plant this flower in my garden. All of your flowers are gorgeous. Your hyacinths are also beautiful than the rest. More photos from your garden please.

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