Oh dear, possums ‘moving forward’ relentlessly!

Whilst it can be said that ‘moving forward’ in the election context has sometimes resulted in inertia , not so for the possums in my garden. They have been focused and are single mindedly and without distraction ‘moving forward’ from vegetable box to vegetable box laying waste to everything in their path.

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The photo for our lovely calendar was taken in late June. The veggies in the box were thriving with rows of carrots, parsnips and leeks, and flourishing silverbeet at both ends. Now sadly the carrot tops have gone, the silverbeet is decimated, and even the leeks have had some of the tops eaten off. The parsnips have fared slightly better, although they have been trampled under the weight. So what must be now the healthiest possums in Hobart having taken to heart the message that, Greens Are Good For You! So I have resorted to nets.

5 thoughts on “Oh dear, possums ‘moving forward’ relentlessly!

  1. Sorry to hear the possums found your Veggies. The little buggers eat everything I grow on my deck here in leafy Brisbane too. They haven’t found the ones in the front yard yet though 🙂

  2. Bummer about the possums 😦 I remember Matthew Evans having similar troubles. Seems like sturdy neeting is the best way to “move forward” with the veggie garden.

    • Hi Andrew, Yes they have decimated most of the veggies but I will make sure the nets are in place next time before the event not after. Sadly the brush possums have displaced the ring tails and tha tis a shame as the ring tales are delicate and now very much rarer.
      Cheers Christine

  3. We too had trouble with possums in our garden until we placed moth balls in strategic places, noting that we made sure they were the ones contained in plastic cages to ensure domestic animals did not try to eat. We purchased the moth balls meant for hanging in wardrobes which have a number of balls in each plastic tube. Possums hate the smell of moth balls apparently. It worked for us

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