Water, Water, Everywhere

Great weather for ducks

Great weather for ducks

This past week has seen heavy rain falling around Tasmania with localised flooding. It has been great to see water in the paddocks and birds out in great numbers. At Campbell Town, the Elizabeth River broke its banks and the ducks loved it. In the north west black swans were out in force. This was real rain, like that I remember as a child with wild winds and almost horizontal sheets beating against the windows and the roof.

10 thoughts on “Water, Water, Everywhere

  1. Yes, hasn’t it rained! We’re in the far northwest of Tassie and we’ve just had a section of roof replaced. When the rain hit and water started dripping out of one of the light fittings, I went outside to have a look only to find the builder not only hadn’t overlapped the iron sheets enough, but he faced the overlap into the prevailing winds – and boy does it get windy here. Have to wait till Monday to call him, but in the meantime I’m loving the rain and my wellies are earning their keep. 🙂

    • Dear David,
      I am glad that you are loving the rain. I was up on the north west coast last week and the rain was almost horizintal at times. I can understand why it was getting under the roofing iron. No doubt life is good at Trowutta.
      Cheers Christine

      • No doubt life is good at Trowutta.

        Yes it is thank you Christine, a wonderfully soggy paradise.


  2. My Water Poems

    “H to owe”
    “Water, water everywhere
    And not a drop to drink
    Australians have wasted it
    It should really make us think –
    About seeing a national shrink
    Or watch Aussie go down the drink.”

    “Winter Rain.”
    Winter rain is here again
    I hear it dripping on the pane
    I really love to hear it rain
    It helps the land to be sustain
    Cockies need it for more grain
    I see it going down the drain
    Winter rain – gone again.

    • Thank you John. Good to hear from you and to read your water poems. It is amazing how quickly it disappears and how much storm water is lost. Harvesting has to be on the agenda in Adelaide in particular.
      cheers Christine

  3. I would love to be down there and experience it myself. Instead Im stuck in Sydney behind a boring workstation dealing with NSW Labor.

  4. Hi Christine … cannot resist responding to this post. My mother always said ‘lovely weather for ducks’, and it always drove me nuts. Never wanted it to rain, always wanted the sunshine. But after I moved to Queensland from WA, I soaked up every gallon of water that fell … metaphorically (and sometimes literally!) speaking.

    I couldn’t believe how much water came out of the sky, and how often. It sheeted down, and I would sit on my verandah drinking tea, and with about 20-30 of the neighbourhood birds who would hang out when it was too wet for them.

    I had magpies, mudlarks, butcher birds, and native minors. Everything was always green. Sometimes it was so they would be absolutely miserable, but I loved it.

    • Dear Helen,
      I almost called th bog post “Lovely weather for ducks” so I am glad that I didn’t now. The tropical rain is amazing. I had a week in the Daintree not so long ago and I know it is a rain forest but the rain was relentless and it wasn’t even the wet season. The lush vegetation is incredible and so are the birds and frogs. The latter were so brilliantly camouflage dthat it took ages to acturally see them.
      cheers Christine

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