A Wonderful Herb Garden

One of the most interesting displays at the NSW Botanical Gardens is the herb garden. I have always loved growing herbs so much so that my first home was called, Herb Croft. But herbs until recently have tended to be planted at the back door or in pots for easy access from the kitchen. Planning a herb garden as both a practical, edible, and aesthetically pleasing garden is a more recent phenomenon and it always looks terrific in books but it is even better if you can see what it looks like once established. That’s why I really like this garden.

An overview of the garden


 It is contained by box hedges and has well laid out paths, resting places and sculptures. The seats are framed by lemon trees with lemon grass at ground level at each end. Globe artichokes are used for structure and drama and chives are planted around the roses to help ward off the aphids. Lavender is mixed in with sages and vegetables, and all in all it looks great and is an inspiration to all of us trying to garden more sustainably and to grow more of our own food. Check it out when you are next in Sydney as it is a great source of ideas to copy at home.

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