What Shall I Call It?

With my water feature now immortalised in Australian political history, through my blog, Twitter, the Sydney Morning Herald,  the ABC’s ‘Yes We Canberra’, Kerry O’Brien of 7.30 Report fame and The Australian, it will not do to keep referring to it as a water feature. It must have a name.

A competition to name it was suggested by a visitor to my blog a while ago but it was not until the media140 conference in Canberra that I reached the same conclusion. I was on a panel discussing online social media and its impact on Australian politics and took the opportunity to keep Chas (The Chaser) happy and announce to great acclaim, that the water feature is finished.

Malcolm Turnbull’s reaction suggested that he was just  a little bit jealous, after all he has Sydney Harbour at the bottom of his garden. He wanted to know whether it was just a pond!!! To which I replied, “It is a triumph, a marvel of engineering, of solar power and indeed that he would have to come to look at it”.

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I was sitting next to Samantha Maiden from The Australian at the time and was asked about The Australian newspaper’s war on The Greens which inspired First Dog on the Moon, live-cartooning the event, to conjure up water fight preparedness. So he should, as The Australian has thrown the first bucket by referring to my much loved water feature as “Godzilla’s Footprint.”

The whole injection of my gardening blog into the political debate is a fantastic example of the way in which new media and old media interact in the world of politics.

It all started when news of the water feature from  my blog was relayed on Twitter. It was picked up in the election Twittersphere report in the SMH which noted that my vegetable patch had been raided on the day that Bob Baldwin announced he was cooking a big dinner for his family. The conclusion is obvious in the online world where physical distance is not a problem.  On the ABC, The Chaser boys then noted that in the new world of real time news, what some think is news, ie Kevin Rudd being deposed as PM is not news compared with the announcement of my impending water feature. A view given gravitas by Kerry O’Brien’s surprise guest appearance! A week later in the next episode of, Yes We Canberra, I was relieved to see that via fake Twitter, my water feature was exonerated in the quest to find where the Labor Party’s leaks were coming from.

So, I am launching a competition to name the water feature in my garden for posterity. So over to you,  in the spirit of Twitter, in 140 characters or less, henceforth it shall be known as ????

26 thoughts on “What Shall I Call It?

    • Thanks Liz. It is reminiscent of my childhood when my parents would often comment on a very calm sea as being as calm as a mill pond. Also I learnt to swim at Port Sorell in Muddy creek which had a swimming hole often referred to as the mill dam. It has a powerful resonance with me.
      cheers Christine

    • Hi Felicity,
      With the Trevi fountain in all the footage from Rome in the past week, chasi would be a bit topical. I love the Trevi fountain and have always thrown coins into the pool..did you have a fundraiser in mind at Milne casa???
      cheers Christine

    • Chas would love it but does it play to his ego too much? The again does it immortalise The Chaser with the cascading interest in the water feature following the programme? All very thought provoking.
      cheers Christine

  1. What about something in Palawa kani ((partially?) reconstructed tasmanian aboriginal language)
    nayri nuyina – Happy/good spirit
    Can’t find the word for just ‘water’ though 🙂
    Or “tunapri” – know/understand

  2. Perhaps “Erythrai” (“Sunset Goddesses”) as the alternvative name for the nymphs of “Hesperides” mentioned in Robert Louis Stevenson’s “An Ode To Spring”:

    “Or like a fountain
    In Hesperides,
    Raining its silver rain,
    In gleam and chime,
    On backs of ivory girls–
    Twice happy rhyme!”

    “And O the Sun!
    I have no friend so generous as this Sun
    That comes to meet me with his big warm hands.”


    This is also interesting:

    “The Garden of the Hesperides is Hera’s orchard in the west, where either a single tree or a grove of immortality-giving golden apples grew. The apples were planted from the fruited branches that Gaia gave to her as a wedding gift when Hera accepted Zeus. ”


    • I really like the idea of Hesperides and the embedded ideas of sun, warmth and apples of immortality but it might be a bit grand for a little garden which only boasts rather small and unimpressive apple trees. But I am working on it.

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