Big Thank You to Gardeners at Parliament House

Talking to the gardeners recently I was interested to hear that often after the TV news, people ring the Parliament House switchboard to ask for the name of the tree or shrub in the background or over the shoulder of whichever pollie is on the news. It is not surprising as the gardens are fantastic and make a huge difference to the experience of being in the building. I have mentioned before that I love the gardens that I pass every day on my way from my office to the Senate Chamber or to see my colleagues in the Greens Party Room. There are tours of the gardens conducted by the gardening team and as a visitor to Canberra, it is  a great way to see Parliament House. I am so grateful for the efforts of the gardeners because they inject beauty and joy into every day. I am sure they are rarely thanked but I can assure them that they are deeply appreciated by those of us whose mood is lifted because of what they do. This is the magnificent spring garden with its flowering cherries, azaleas, camellias.

Look at this…floating pink, delicate blossom around a water feature which sadly is not functional at the moment because of worries about water.

In autumn, this tree is often in the TV footage as it is in the Senate courtyard where many interviews are conducted. Again it is so vibrant it takes your breath away.

2 thoughts on “Big Thank You to Gardeners at Parliament House

  1. I can’t agree with you more Senator. I feel exceptionally privileged to work in the building, especially this time of year. It often feels like a different world in those courtyards. My mother in law came over from WA a few weeks ago and spent the entire time gushing over the gardens…

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