Sunday morning in the Garden

One well behaved clivia

One well behaved clivia

Sunny and windy best describes Sunday morning in Hobart which is why so many yachts were out on the river. I took to the garden with relish and was rewarded for spending a bit of time just observing and weeding. Apart from being delighted that one clivia has done the right thing, I noticed that my Japanese maple had flowered, albeit with fairly subtle colour amongst the new foliage. I have never seen this before and I expect it is because I have never looked. My native hop bush was also in flower and that is the first time it has flowered.

Japanese maple putting on a subtle display

Japanese maple putting on a subtle display

Delicate flowers on my native hop bush

Delicate flowers on my native hop bush

Yesterday I noticed along the neck at Bruny Island on my way home from the Bird festival that the pigface is in flower and so I checked on mine and sure enough the lovely purple flowers are appearing.

Beautiful pigface colours

Striking and beautiful pigface colours

Perhaps the greatest reward was to see new growth on my passionfruit which has always been sick no matter how much manuring and feeding it gets. After having chelated iron recommended, it now seems that it might be the magic ingredient as it is now a few weeks since I administered it and whilst the colour is still a bit yellow it is nothing compared with what it has been.

There's hope for the passionfruit yet!

There's hope for the passionfruit yet!

3 thoughts on “Sunday morning in the Garden

  1. Whenever I see Christine on TV – in parliament debating hard climate change science; in committees drilling high level public servants; on TV host panels, challenging growth economics; in public meetings rousing up a crowd – I can see a thought bubble coming out of her head.

    “I wonder how my passionfruit plant is going”; “Those flowering pigfaces on Bruny were so colourful”; “When I get back to Hobart the Japanese Maple might be in flower”.

    Politics is a debilitating, mind-bending activity.
    Gardening is a wholesome, mind-centering activity.

    In fact, the rush and clamour of modern life is debilitating for all of us. As an antidote, there’s nothing like working with soil to help connect us to our planet.

  2. I dont see Christine thinking of passionfruit vines. I see a hardline great Green trying to change the minds of political deadwood.

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I hope you didn’t read my post as being negative at all. Christine does a great job as a professional politician, perhaps partly because she is so well anchored in reality. That’s my point. Too many politicians are divorced from the real world.

    It’s amazing to see someone with such intellect straddle with ease her two lives. The Canberra scene is so rarified it needs a strong antidote.

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