Sculpture by the Sea

Sydney was at its best on Saturday when I joined thousands of others in the walk from Bondi to Bronte to enjoy the Sculpture by the Sea.

I love the idea of placing sculpture in the coastal landscape as the colour and movement of the sea and the sky provide the perfect backdrop to amazing artwork. It was made even more special when whales could be seen breeching just off the coast.

The sculptures are for sale so if you have a large garden or a local council interested in improving the amenity of public spaces have a look and see which of these would suit you and you community.

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I have lots of favourites, but almost all are outside my price range and are mostly too big for a small suburban garden. Take this Bureaucratic Tank by Edward Horne who said “bureaucracy is like a military tank. It won’t stop for anything and has a disregard for humanitarian values. It leaves a path of paper wherever it goes”. It is an extremely clever piece made from filing cabinets, desk lamps and even has an urn for the driver’s hatch.

Edward Horne's fantastic Bureaucratic Tank

Down on the beach an industrial artist, Daniel Wallwork presented the wonderful Earth Fish, made from recycled plastic bumpers marine ply and galvanised steel.

Daniel Wallwork's Earth Fish, made largely from car parts

In the centre of the beach was this fantastic fowl called Sitting Hen by South Korean sculptor Tae-Geun Yang made from steel, bronze and resin: “the chick must eventually venture out into the world away from its mother”…and it seems like hardly anyone else on the beach noticed!

The great Bondi chook! Sitting Hen by South Korean sculptor Tae-Geun Yang

The great Bondi chook! Sitting Hen by South Korean sculptor Tae-Geun Yang


One of my favourites was this work by Japanese sculptor, Toshio Lezumi. It’s made from glass mirrors and aluminium, and is a fantastic piece in terms of optical reflection and depth.

Toshio Lezumi's work reflects the beauty of the sea

Whilst these sculptures are imaginative, nature is pretty good at creating sculptures of her own. All these works and more can be found at Sculpture by the Sea.

Nature's own display

2 thoughts on “Sculpture by the Sea

  1. I missed this year’s exhibition but, similar to you, also took photos of the beautiful rock forms, mosses and cascading plants – Nature’s perennial exhibition!

    Cheers and feastings

    the Bush Goddess

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