Spuds in bag experiment update

Earlier this year I decided to try to grow spuds in a bag because I don’t have enough space for a potato patch but I do love new season potatoes with butter and parsley. I had been told that potatoes will grow anywhere and so I embarked on an experiment using the bags sold in hardware stores for green waste. I cut a few holes in the bottom, put in some green waste, some straw and some pink eye seed potatoes and waited.

Bag of chips in the making. Time will tell if there are any spuds beneath the greenery

Bag of chips in the making. Time will tell if there are any spuds beneath the greenery

Here they are looking healthy and about to flower. At the time it was suggested it would be a great idea for people renting because they could take their potatoes with them and now it appears they certainly could do so. The proof will be in the harvesting when I see whether all the green flourish on top actually translates into a pot of potatoes.


5 thoughts on “Spuds in bag experiment update

  1. You’d need them to be in a stronger bag if you were a renter planning to move, I suspect. Would those 99c green shopping bags with the handles be deep enough for a small crop?

    Enjoy your harvest. I hope you’ve planted chives or spring onions as well … yum.

  2. Another great idea, I have heard about growing potatoes in old tyres, I think this option is better:) Plus I can easily grab some bags, but don’t have any old tyres lying around.

  3. Great experiment – yes, spuds will grow anywhere, even in a cupboard. From the photo it looks as tho the spud plants have been in the bag with the same quantity of organic matter since planting. this is fine – its how they are grown commercially in the soil. You have luxuriant growth on the top – however this part of the plant won’t produce potatoes, just stimulate their growth within the organic matter.If you add organic matter as the plant grows so there is always some green growth above the organic surface then potatoes will grow in the added organic matter. That is the advantage that backyard growers have over commercial growers. For people in rental accomodation they can use your system and keep adding organic matter as the plant grows (in a bag or in a large pot or container – that way they get the extra yield and the portability.

    • Hi John,
      I am only a novice with my garden and so I really appreciat eyour help. I should have been building the organic matter as the plants grew but didn’t know that . Now I di I started last weekend and put a whole lot more int eh bags even though it might be too late. Keep on helping me please.

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