Beginning again: 2011 in my garden

At last I have begun to reengage with my garden and not before time. In December everything was coming into fruit and I looked forward to bumper crops of everything from apricots, to plums and even gooseberries.

But summer and holidays got in the way and possums invaded so much so that I am only now getting things back under control. Nevertheless I did manage to pick, stew and enjoy the luscious big red Satsuma plums. Isn’t the colour marvellous?

Luscious satsuma plums

Luscious satsuma plums

Preserving them for the cold months ahead

Preserving them for the cold months ahead

I am also now picking the vine ripening tomatoes. There is something so evocative about the smell of tomato plants when watering on a warm evening. As a child I used to help my dad in the hothouse in which he grew tomatoes for sale to a corner store in Devonport. There was a quiet companionship as he set about tying up the plants with long strings and pinching out the unwanted growth on each plant and when I smell the plants I am once again in that safe and pleasant space.

Brightens up any garden, and the bees love them too

Brightens up any garden, and the bees love them too

I grew sunflowers this year and not just because I am a Green. Yes they remind me of the German Greens but more particularly they are just so joyful and happy and welcoming. They attract the bees and make me smile,a perfectly good reason for sowing the seeds.

One thought on “Beginning again: 2011 in my garden

  1. Summer and holidays, yes they took their toll on my garden thus year too, along with a newly crawling baby and so much rain the weeds took over. I am thinking I should just put my chooks in the vague patch for the winter and let them go wild (with the double bonus of giving their part of the garden a break), but to do that I gave to find time to build a chook dome, so they don’t hop up onto the deck and become lunch for the dog! It’s all about finding time!

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