No time in the garden

I am so frustrated that I cannot make more time for my garden which is suffering from lack of TLC. I love my garden and so it is a real deprivation to be so constantly on the move that I don’t have the time to maximise the fruit and veggies that I have been growing.

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I definitely am not getting time to smell the roses which are looking a bit battered by the elements and have a dose of black spot. The tomatoes have nearly finished, the beans have grown too big to be good to eat and the garlic chives have gone to seed.

But the Chascade is still a joy and the plantings around it are becoming established. I particularly like this thyme which is growing well and spreading as hoped to soften the path edges.

3 thoughts on “No time in the garden

  1. do not despair! you have some great seeds growing – let the beans and chives continue to do their thing, then you need about half an hour to pick, clean, store and label! if you can’t make the time all at once, then just strip them from plants and put in containers that keep out rodents etc (allow to breathe in case of high moisture – pick during heat of day) and you can clean, label, store etc when you have time. maybe you could put them in packets on the front counter of your electorate office or give to a local school to sell as a fundraiser. (I presume they are natural seeds!)

  2. Christine, It all looks a bit drab to me. The Roses look very good though. I will have to get back to my Sydney balcony veggie and herb garden now the Balmain campaign is over.

  3. Hi Christine – all is not lost, if you let your beans grow to big full size, you can string them up to dry in their pods in a warm, dry place. You then have lovely dried beans to use in winter!

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