Waiting for frogs

Don’t you get sick of reading gardening books that make it all seem so simple. I have read and re-read sections on water features and it all seems so logical and straightforward. Just establish the water feature, plant the habitat and the frogs will come. Well I feel like I am waiting for Godot.

Luxury frog accommodation waiting for residents!

Luxury frog accommodation waiting for residents!

 Chascade is established with a solar powered pump that does not disturb all the water at any one time and several overhangs which will protect tadpoles from birds. My plantings have taken and the bog sage is flowering. I have strappy plants and buttongrass and everything that self respecting frogs could need but to date all I seem to be nurturing is wrigglers!! I continue to wait.

In the rest of the garden things are ticking along. I fed my sick passionfruit iron chelate and that seemed to restore it to the point where it has fruited but it still is a less than robust yellowish green.

Passion fruit slowly getting there

Passion fruit slowly getting there

 My sunflowers brought real joy into the garden and now that they have finished flowering I am going to dry out the heads and harvest the seeds before the birds do it for me.

Bursting with seeds: sunflower heads drying out

Bursting with seeds: sunflower heads drying out

The one job that I completed in January was to re pot my geraniums and now I am reaping the reward. Last Saturday before the deluge, I felt like I was living in Greece somewhere with balmy afternoon, a sailing ship on the river and red geraniums flowering behind a white railing.

For a moment it felt like Greece

For a moment it felt like Greece

 Not quite a Greek island but reminiscent enough to make me think of white walls and narrow paths and blue doors and my first experiences of the Mediterranean more than thirty years ago.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for frogs

  1. Wow, your pond looks fabulous, If I was a frog I would move in fast.

    I didn’t beat the birds to my sunflowers, but they were welcome to them, noisy, but welcome

  2. Frogs!

    A couple of years ago I, too, built a frog pond although from the looks of your, no-where near as beautiful!
    However – ‘build it and they will come’ – and that’s exactly what happened.
    We live in suburban Canberra and the nearest natural dwelling for the frogs is in the Ginninderra Creek, 900m away as the frog hops.
    In spite of potential perils in the form of cars, kids, cats, birds and dogs, the Pobble-Bonks arrived, took up residence about four months after I’d built it and they are now permanent residents in the garden.
    A year later I built another pond in the front garden and another branch of the family lives there.
    While I was having a scrabble through the garden last weekend I found a pobble-bonk under a plant about three metres away from the pond which is thrilling to know they really are permanent co-residents with we humans.
    Patience, wonderful woman…..they will come and your garden looks superb……
    Continued support and love,

  3. I remember reading quite some time ago that in order to encourage the ‘natives’ to move in, the best way is to go to a local healthy creek and gather a couple of buckets of water and then introduce that to your pond. You should have picked up enough micro-organisms to ‘infest’ the pond and make it much more welcoming.

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