Camomile patch soft underfoot

I am so pleased to say that the camomile patch planted in December is growing extremely well and would be a great substitute for a grass lawn. The key to its success was to prepare the area well by allowing weeds to grow and then to carefully get rid of them all before planting the camomile thus avoiding the curse of having to weed it.

A reward for tired feet: my camomile patch coming on nicely

A reward for tired feet: my camomile patch coming on nicely

The plants have clumped up really well and spread into each other and respond well to clipping to thicken them. I have clipped it once since planting. It is lovely and soft underfoot and has a pleasant fragrance. The plants are the non flowering variety and are usually available from herb nurseries. I have used it between the seats so that I can enjoy the feeling of bare feet on soft greenery.

5 thoughts on “Camomile patch soft underfoot

  1. great stuff Christine… looks wonderful.
    I have interplanted the lawn in my mums housing commission flat with common purslane (pig weed) native violet and dandelion… will have to add some camomile now too 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to find some of this and plant it in my lawn in Cygnet. I have the gorgeous German one, for the flowers, but this is not for the lawn.

    I am so enjoying the pennyroyal I planted for the same reason…. the scent when you walk over it is divine.

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