We’re all out of the 2012 calendars!

This year’s Farm and Garden calendar had Bob and I sharing some valuable gardening tips with green-thumbed followers of this blog. The calendar has been incredibly popular and it is so exciting to see the surge of interest in people sourcing their food from the backyard veggie patch.

So we have decided to make a sequel!

Sorry, they are all gone!


The 2012 ‘When to eat it & how to cook it’ calendar is a seasonal guide to Tasmanian produce that is crammed full of seasonal food recipes using some of the finest ingredients grown and made on this wonderful island.

The calendar is all about simple, tasty and fresh food that hasn’t travelled the globe in search of your plate. It has everything from recipes for a spiced apple Wassail punch to a Tasmanian onion soup, plus a comprehensive guide to choosing fresh and seasonal food throughout the year.

Happy gardening, harvesting and cooking.

10 thoughts on “We’re all out of the 2012 calendars!

  1. Love your calendar (not to mention your work!) however, have ordered online but appears I can’t get my order through. Shall make a phone call instead. Great little calendar! Communication is sometimes tough in the bush!!!

  2. do you also mail them all the way across to India??

    Cos thats where i am!! 🙂
    And would love to have one of these!
    But i understand if thats too faar to send!!

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