Vegetables and fruits looking good

Having planted some carrots, broccoli and silver beet a few weeks ago it is great to see them flourishing under the net away from the blackbirds. It is incredible how fast the silver beet goes when it becomes established.

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I also planted a few coriander plants not really expecting them to thrive as it is still reasonably cold but I need not have worried, they are thriving. So too are the raspberries and the cherry trees. My apple trees planted only a year ago are also flowering so it is all looking good for a summer harvest. The back breaking weeding of the past weeks has been worth it.

One thought on “Vegetables and fruits looking good

  1. What a fantastically productive garden you have! My tiny patch of soil does have the first sprouts of spinach and rocket coming up and I’ve put the tomatos in, but under protective plastic hoods in case of a late Canberra frost. There is nothing quite so satisfying as home grown food.

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