Hobart Show Day is D Day for tomatoes

Folk history in Tasmania is that tomatoes can be planted after Hobart Show day and so I was quick off the mark and planted two healthy specimens.

Tomatoes and beetroots survived some cold nights

Tomatoes and beetroots survived some cold nights

This is a reality check for me as every year until now I have planted at least six plants and have ended up with way too many tomatoes and not enough room for other salad vegetables. So I have decided to be more restrained and to opt for two, so here goes. I was a bit taken aback by the sudden drop in temperature over the past few days with frosts in patches across Hobart but fortunately I have been lucky and on inspection this morning, they remain healthy, as do the beetroot seedlings. I opted for Spanish onions in a polystyrene box to expand my salad capacity and they appear to have taken.

Spanish onions doing well

Spanish onions doing well


6 thoughts on “Hobart Show Day is D Day for tomatoes

  1. Ah yes,

    A few years ago there was a late frost on November 11 and nearly everybody’s tomato plants in Hobart perished overnight. Worthwhile checking forecast temperatures for a little bit and putting a cardboard box or similar over frost sensitive plants if frost looks likely. There’s a popular belief that global warming will extend the tomato growing season, but it seems the opposite is true – we are just as likely to get aberrant late frosts, thanks to increasing unpredictability of weather patterns.

  2. Melbourne Cup day is the folklaw in Canberra but it has been so warm that I planted a few weeks ago – albeit with a protective cover over the top in case of frost. I’ve really taken the risk now and planted basil, fingers crossed that the frosts are past.

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