Something is eating my Iris

I love Iris and so was delighted when I was given an unusual, mauve and beige small iris by a good friend. It flourished in one part of the garden so I decided to break up the clump and transplant it to a few locations to facilitate its spread. But the end result has been a much diminished original clump and unsuccessful transplants.

It's seen better days this Iris

It's seen better days this Iris

Something is eating it. I am surprised because I have not had to contend with anything eating iris before. Any suggestions re improving the health of the transplants generally or re the pest would be gratefully received.


3 thoughts on “Something is eating my Iris

  1. I’m guessing you can’t see what is eating them, and nothing is eating mine so I don’t know what is likely. However, earwigs seem to munch on anything, so that is a possibility.

    You could try making an earwig trap. You need a container with a lid (to keep out rain) and holes cut in a couple of sides (for earwigs to get in), and about 4mm raw linseed oil (available from places like Bunnings) in the bottom. This will also trap and kill milipedes and slugs.

  2. They look just like ours, think you have a snail/slug problem. They absolutely love Iris. It looks like a lovely colour too, shame.

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