Exuberance of Peony Roses

Don’t you love this over the top exuberant peony rose?

The bold and beautiful peony rose

The bold and beautiful peony rose

It is not in my garden but I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of peony roses by a friend over the weekend and I have loved having them in the house. They are exquisite, intricate, and bold and a real source of joie de vivre.

They brighten any room

They brighten any room

When I think about my childhood, I cannot remember having cut flowers in the house. We certainly had the maidenhair fern on the blackwood stand in the lounge room but flowers were left in the garden. At boarding school, I met one of my closest friends whose home was full of cut flowers and from then on, I was hooked.

Home grown roses: smaller but no less beautiful

Home grown roses: smaller but no less beautiful

So when I started to develop my own garden, my rules were that plants had to be edible, or habitat for native birds or suitable for cut flowers and that is why I grow some roses. Different from the peonies, but nevertheless beautiful and fragrant are these buds cut from my garden over the weekend.

Delicate little blooms

Delicate little blooms


2 thoughts on “Exuberance of Peony Roses

  1. It’s a wonderful season for roses this year – mine are perfuming the living room as I type. Yours are very lovely!


  2. Both those peonies and roses are stunning! I was always scared of growing roses, till I bought a house with a garden full of them. They are stunning, surprisingly easy to look after and I love that I get to have glorious flowers in the house.

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