A focus on blue

I didn’t start out with a preference for blues and pinks in my garden but that is the way it has turned out. I am pleased with this corner that used to be quite overgrown and dominated by my sick passionfruit. It became trampled last year as the water feature was built but now it is all blending in as a blue backdrop to “Chascade”.

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I have managed to combine sage and thyme, with delphiniums and a few iris under a nectarine tree. Even the passionfruit is improving after my efforts to feed it with chelated iron and Seasol and it has lots of flowers promising lots of fruit.

2 thoughts on “A focus on blue

  1. Hello there,

    Congratulations on a beautiful garden….and love the transformation from down trodden corner to a joyous place now!

    If you ever have time please come and visit our garden in Canberra……
    from parking lot to biodiversity hot-spot in four years.

    Working with Nature is so simple and rewarding.

    Cheers and feasting locally,

    Bush Goddess

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