A summer of neglect but still a harvest

What a period of neglect my garden has suffered. The negotiation of the carbon price plus the COP 17 in Durban wiped out last year and now I have been away for most of January traveling in Sri Lanka.

To make matters worse I had my weatherboard house painted in the last months of 2011 and that knocked the garden around as scaffolding was erected and moved. So this year has to be one of recovery ands some tender loving care.

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The good news is that even with the neglect I have had a bumper crop of satsuma plums and raspberries. I also managed quite a few cape gooseberries and the passionfruit vine is laden. The tomato plants have lots of fruit with the first one ripening as I write. On the habitat side the birds love the water feature and the new holland honey eaters are regulars in the kangaroo paws.

2 thoughts on “A summer of neglect but still a harvest

  1. Mine too! My food garden used to be my first love, and it still would be except that this summer every spare moment has been devoted to getting the One Person Can project going. Beyond watering and picking what the garden manages to produce despite neglect, I’ve done nothing to nurture it for the last couple of months! I think the first fig (my favourite!) might be ready to pick by tomorrow…

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