Mellow fruitfulness

Last weekend it was 38 degrees in Hobart so I decided it was time to harvest what was left of my vegetables before they wilted in the heat or went to seed.

I surprised myself with what I had in the garden and soon I was sitting down to lunch with a great salad of beetroot, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and rocket…all the product of my labour. It was so satisfying, especially when mixed with a great aged balsamic vinegar and sunflower seeds.

Nothing tastes better

Nothing tastes better

Autumn, the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” had descended, minus the mists.

2 thoughts on “Mellow fruitfulness

  1. I was unprepared for the hot day and even though I had watered that morning it was not enough. I hand water and perhaps was not enough of a soaking for such a hot day. I lost a lot of tomatoes that were scorched and also a large section of my most flourishing bush (black Russian tomatoes) died. I’m wondering whether I should invest in a watering system with a timer.

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