Native flowers go to the heart of the nation

I had my first meeting with the PM this week and whilst the PM’s office always has beautiful flowers, these flowers in the reception area were exceptional. Commenting on what a magnificent arrangement this was, I was told they had been chosen for the table for state premiers meeting of COAG. Isn’t it great that natives flowers are now recognised as critical to our self identity and regularly displace exotics on formal occasions at least?  What I didn’t have time to work out was how many states were represented in the arrangement.

6 thoughts on “Native flowers go to the heart of the nation

  1. I love your blogs and the humanising moments in a bisy political life for you and the PM. As important to me is the contemporary art collection in Plt House, alongside some traditional works – all of these things share a sense of what is wonderful about Australia. Keep blogging:)

  2. Hello Christine,
    Congratulations on your election to Leader of the Fabulous Greens. I am here as a resource for you……especially in realms of food security and regenerative agriculture. hope to meet with you very soon and cheers, laughing and feasting locally,

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