What a summer we have had and the heat keeps on coming. Around the country communities are devastated by bushfires as records are broken. Only last week Sydney and Canberra had record temperatures with Sydney at 45.8 degrees and wildfires burning. In Tasmania we had terrible fires following our hottest day of more than 41 degrees on Jan 4th.

Love and practical support is what we need to send to people who have lost loved ones, homes and stock. I met up with a terrific farmer Gabby Bresnaham who had swung into action at Sorell in Tasmania helping farmers with coordinating fodder drops and fencing supplies to help mend fences destroyed by the fires. What a great community effort!

Gabby Bresnaham

If you would like to help with the rebuilding efforts you can donate to the Red Cross Tasmanian bushfire appeal, and all monies donated go straight to those in need.

For people not in the path of bushfires, just looking after parks and gardens to keep them alive has been a full time job. Knowing how much love goes into gardens everywhere, my heart goes out to people who have seen their gardens shrivel and die in the extreme temperatures. We all need to take advice on planting more heat resistant varieties of plants and how to keep them alive when water is scarce or temperatures rise.

I was away from home during the first week of January when Hobart sweltered and the heat took its toll with my manferns shrivelling and my dogwood and other plants literally scorching.

fried fern

I am now in rescue mode and hopefully with more moderate temperatures and watering, they can be saved.

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