Browsing Animals go Gourmet

As much as I love our native animals, it is so frustrating to see vegetables denuded after a night’s foraging from possums and wallabies.

I must have a few gourmets amongst them because I have lost basil, parsley, coriander and even chives to go with the tomatoes which are now only stalks with fruit hanging.

It is time for a reality check. If I want vegetables, even in an urban environment, it is time for caging the vegetables in and the animals out. Netting saved the raspberries from blackbirds and I have now put a fire screen around the remaining tomatoes but it is a case of too little too late.


I do have the Satsuma plums still on the tree, uncovered and they haven’t been touched. I am living dangerously.


2 thoughts on “Browsing Animals go Gourmet

  1. lucky you with the plums! we were expecting the same big crop from our old blood plum trees enough for a few bottles of plum jam. Sadly the rains didn’t turn up and our man ferns who sit under the plum trees shrivelled and i’m yet to see any regrowth. the plum trees dropped what green fruit it had and the possums ate the rest. however the other surprise with the lack of rain over melbourne summer was the success in the olive tree, a big crop growing (where as last year it gave maybe 4 olives) so interesting to see what fails and what does well when you leave big trees to do their own thing. might have to water the plum trees more next summer.

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